Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Inkheart Movie Trailer

The full length trailer of Inkheart, upcoming movie directed by Iain Softley and is starring Brendan Fraser, has been released:

Within the pages of a book a world of magic awaits!


Have you ever heard of flying monkeys before? What an amazing idea! Much more stunning than a stupid horse with a corn, er, I mean more stunning than a unicorn...

Brendan Fraser's movies are maybe not masterpieces but still they are quite entertaining most of the time. And if this movie can bring a few kids back to reading books that would really great. So let's go watch Inkheart with your children!


lorrie said...

i also agree with this purposal that this could bring back some kids to reading books about this adventure movies .Anywayz Hope for best for this movie i think this one as similar to harry potter...........You can also enjoy this movie with just one click here!!!!!!!!!
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